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Specific Electrical Contracting Services:

  • Underground duct bank, conduit, and cabling installations including the excavating and backfilling on some jobs.
  • Industrial type wiring typical of feed mills, forest product mills, conveyor systems, etc.
  • Typical commercial building type wiring.
  • Typical Dairy farm type wiring.
  • Wiring of Irrigation pump systems; typically for Greenhouse, Nurseries, Blueberry, Raspberry, or similar plantations. Systems typically include Motor control, Variable speed pump control, and pressure/flow control wiring. Can also include fertilizer dosing and other peripheral pump and solenoid controls.
  • Power pole installation and overhead powerline construction upto 25 kilovolts.
  • High voltage cable and transformer installation. Including experience upto 600Volt DC and 25kv AC underground cabling installation with conductor sizes of upto 1500MCM copper.
  • Municipal water and wastewater system wiring including treatment plants, pumping stations, Automated valve chambers, water reservoirs. Including Motor control, Variable speed pump control, and pressure/flow /level control wiring.
  • Emergency Standby diesel generator systems with automated start/stop/transfer switching.
  • Power & Control Wiring of commercial & industrial refridgeration and chiller systems.

Specialty Controls & Automation Services

  • Control panel design, construction, programming, and Installation for Municipal Water systems and Industrial process systems typical of feed mills, forest product mills, conveyor systems, etc.
    • ETL certified control panel assembly shop upto 600volt AC 150horsepower.
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programming and commissioning.
  • Variable Speed Drive control system design, programming, and installation for Fluid Pumping systems.
    • Irrigation & Potable Water pumping.
    • Manure Agitation & Pumping.
    • Chilled/Refridgerated Glycol Circulation pumping
  • Automated Manure Pump/ Flush Valve Control Panels for dairy farms.
  • Solar powered water reservoir level monitoring systems.
  • 900Mhz data radio communication systems to link remote sites to main PLC panels. Typical application would be a remote water reservoir level monitoring system sending water level information to a PLC panel in a pumphouse which would be controlling the pump system that fills the reservoir.
  • Process Instrumentation installation, setup, and commissioning. Pressure transmitters, Flowmeters, Level Transmitters, Temperature transmitters, etc.
  • Control Panel drafting and control wiring schematic drafting.

Mechanical & General Contracting Services

  • Pump installation including Submersible well pumps, centrifugal pumps, sewage lift pumps, sump pumps, manure pumps, vertical shaft turbine pumps, Glycol circulation pumps.
  • Piping installation including PVC, Steel and stainless steel, threaded and welded.
  • Underground piping installation including PVC, Fusion welded small & large diameter HDPE.
  • Concrete pad forming and placing including Generator pads and Electrical & Valve Kiosk Pads.
  • Excavation for underground utilities and equipment foundation construction.
  • Stamped Engineered piping drawings and electrical drawings.