Scope of Design Work

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  • Control wiring schematic design and drafting.
  • Physical layout design of components to be assembled into a functioning control panel.
  • Programming and testing of Programmable Logic Controllers.

Example. – A customer will give us a description of how they want a certain system to work:

I want the pump to fill the reservoir when the level in it gets down to a certain level and then fill it to the high level mark. I want a low alarm switch to call me on my cell phone if it gets that low”

We would take this description, design a control panel with components and wiring necessary to complete all of the functions described and draft it into professional grade drawings.

We would also write the Logic program that would be uploaded to the “Brain” (PLC or programmable relay) in the control panel.

We can then take the drawings and send them to our panel shop for the guys to build the actual panel and then to the field techs to install it.

We have also sent our drawings to an engineering firm to be reviewed, verified, and stamped by a professional engineer.